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The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) estimate that in 2011 the total contribution of travel and tourism was 20.3% of Namibia’s GDP. This was set to rise by 8.3% over the coming decade (2011). The WTTC ranks Namibia 30th out of 181 countries worldwide in terms of the relative contribution of tourism to the economy, above the world average (2011). The industry supports 27.1% of total employment, which was also forecast to rise, meaning that in 2022 an estimated 120,000 people will be employed in the sector. Visitor exports generated around 9.9% of total exports in 2011 which was set to rise to 11.4% by 2022. In 2010 Namibia received 984,000 visitors.

Tourism and Travel organisations in Namibia
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Adozu Tours and Safaris
Africa Unlimited Safaris
African Desk
African Footprints Tours
Albatross Tours & Safaris
Black Eagle Enterprises
Christian's Jagen & Safaris
Etosha Fly-In Safaris
Flamingo Travel
I dream Africa Tours & Safaris
Impala Tours
Karas Mountain 4x4 Adventures
Lion King Travel
Namibia Executive Tours & Fishing Safaris
Namibia Reservations
Namibia Tourism Board
Nawalela Safaris
Okaume Travel CC
Palmwag Lodge & Travel Shop
Pleasure Flights + Safaris
Sunbird Tours
Tsubub Tours
Uakii Wilderness Survial
Uis Tourism Ventures
Viglietti Safaris
Wild at Heart Safaris
Zebra Adventure Tours