Research Institutes in Namibia

The Directorate of Planning and Development (PAD) within the Ministry of Education coordinates strategic planning, programme development, research, policy analysis, information management systems, institutional development and resource control. The National Botanical Research Institute of Namibia (NBRI) provides plant-related research. The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences of the University of Namibia (UNAM) conducts research directed towards the health needs of the Namibian people.

Research Institutes organisations in Namibia
Desert Ecological Research Unit of Namibia
Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN)
Gobabeb Training & Research Centre
Institute for Public Policy Research
Labour Resource and Research Institute
Namibia Institute of Pathology
Namibia Institute of Pathology
Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit (NEPRU)
National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI)
National Botanical Research Institute National Herbarium of Namibia
Research and Information Services of Namibia
Theological Research Institute in Namibia (TRIN)
University of Namibia (UNAM)