Find Corporate expertise in Nauru

Given its size, under-developed economy and recent history of illegal banking activities, there is an absence of large commercial enterprises operating in Nauru. There is however a significant amount of whole or partial state-ownership in Nauru’s private enterprises – although not large – such as Our Airline, RONPhos and Cenpacnet Inc.  With respect to multinationals. Getax, a large Australian corporation specialising in imports to India operated out of Nauru from the mid-1990s to supply rock phosphate to India and was involved in a controversy surrounding the 2010 elections in Nauru. Accused of issuing bribes and offering deals with government opposition in exchange for increasing their rights to Nauru’s remaining phosphate, Getax’s future in Nauru is unclear. However, like its many Pacific Island neighbours, Nauru is exposed to world brands and goods that are imported and sold through locally-owned outlets. Capelle & Partner is a major retail department store and supermarket located in Ewa, which also provides short-term and long-term accommodation at the Ewa Lounge. Nauru has no stock exchange.