The Department of Foreign Affairs is responsible for facilitating and co-ordinating Nauru’s international relations. Nauru has had a tumultuous foreign policy since gaining independence in 1968, with conflict coming from alternating diplomatic ties between Taiwan and China, and tension from the US due to Nauru’s strong diplomatic relationship with Cuba. Currently, Nauru maintains good bilateral relations with a number of Pacific Island nations, such as Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, as well as with Japan, Taiwan, Cuba and Russia. Nauru is a member of the United Nations and has a permanent mission in New York.

Embassies organisations in Nauru
Consulate General of the Republic of Nauru in Bangkok, Thailand
Embassy of Nauru in Beijing, China
Embassy of Nauru in Melbourne, Australia
Embassy of Nauru in Suva, Fiji
Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Nauru in Auckland, New Zealand