Government Ministries

Nauru’s government consists of an 18-member parliament with a cabinet of five or six members, elected every three years and appointed to the cabinet by the president. Each cabinet member, as well as the president, is responsible for running a variety of ministries, including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Ministry for Home Affairs. There are also a variety of standing and select committees such as the Printing Committee, the Private Business Committee and the Select Committee on Land Issues, through which members of parliament deal with regular projects or specific incidents. The highest-ranking civil servant in Nauru is the Chief Secretary. This individual is appointed by the cabinet, cannot be a member of parliament and is responsible for management of government ministries. Within each ministry, the highest ranking public servant is the secretary of the ministry. 

Government Ministries organisations in Nauru
Department of Culture
Ministry of Civil Aviation
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Resources
Ministry of Culture & Tourism
Ministry of Customs
Ministry of Finance and Sustainable Development
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Island Development & Industry
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Public Service
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Sports
Ministry of Telecommunications
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Women's Affairs
Ministry of Youth Affairs