Find Insurance and Reinsurance expertise in Nigeria

There are over 100 insurance companies in Nigeria, NICON being the largest. Insurance penetration rates, however, are relatively low in comparison with other African emerging markets. In addition to typical insurance services (vehicles, life, property and business), insurance companies cover risks associated with the oil industry. The National Insurance Commission is the apex regulatory body for the insurance industry.

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Nigeria
ADIC Insurance Co. Ltd
African Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd
African Reinsurance Corporation
AIICO Insurance Plc
Alliance & General Insurance Co. Ltd
Anchor Insurance Co. Ltd
Capital Express Insurance Co. Ltd
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc
Continental Reinsurance Plc
Cornerstone Insurance Plc
Custodian & Allied Insurance Ltd
Equity Indemnity Insurance Plc
Equity Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Gaurdian Trust Insurance Co. Ltd
Goldline Insurance Co. Ltd
Great Nigeria Insurance Plc
Guaranty Trust Assurance Plc
Guardian Express Assurance Ltd
Guinea Insurance Plc
Industrial And General Insurance Plc (IGI)
International Energy Insurance Co. Ltd
Investment & Allied Assurance Co. Ltd
Kapital Insurance Co. Ltd
Lasaco Assurance Plc
Law Union And Rock Insurance Plc
Leadway Assurance Co. Ltd
Linkage Assurance Plc
Lion of Africa Insurance Co. Ltd
Mutual Benefit Assurance Plc
National Insurance Commission
New Line Insurance Co.
NICON Insurance
Niger Insurance Plc
Oasis Insurance Plc
Prestige Assurance Plc
Regency Alliance Insurance Plc
Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc
Standard Life Assurance Plc
Standard Trust Assurance Plc (STACO)
Sterling Assurance Nigeria Plc
Unic Insurance Plc
Wapic Insurance Plc
Yankari Insurance Co. Ltd
Zenith General Insurance Company Ltd