Find Oil and Gas expertise in Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil exporter, and possesses the largest natural gas reserves in the continent. Nigeria ranks among the top ten nations of the world in terms of proved oil and natural gas reserves. Nine of Nigeria’s 36 states are classified as oil and gas producers, and these are situated in the three southern geopolitical zones. 

According to the CIA Factbook, oil production in 2010 was 2.458 million barrels (bbl) per day. In 2009 the figure for oil exports was 2.102 million bbl/day, which was ninth in the world rankings. Natural gas production was 23.21 billion cubic metres in 2009, which was twenty-ninth in the world rankings. Exports of natural gas totalled 15.99 billion cubic metres in that year. 

Oil and Gas organisations in Nigeria
Addax Petroleum Exploration Ltd
African Petroleum Plc
Chevron Nigeria Ltd
ExxonMobil Nigeria
FEM Associates
Linkso Nigeria Ltd
Loving Brothers Nigeria Ltd
National Agip Oil Co. Ltd
Nigerian Agip Oil Co. (NAOC)
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Platform Petroleum Ltd
Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd, The
Texaco Nigeria PLC
Total Nigeria Plc
Tricontinental Oil Services Ltd
Ultrasprings Nigeria Ltd
Ultrasprings Nigeria Ltd