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Nigerian oil has a low sulphur content and proven reserves were estimated in January 2013 to be 37 billion barrels. During 2012 the production rate was about 2.4 million barrels a day, and in 2011 the oil industry accounted for 95% of exports and more than US$100 billion of government revenue (more than 80% of total). Oil has been a leading source of government revenue since the 1970s.

Nigeria’s proven reserves of gas, estimated in January 2013 to be 5.2 trillion cubic metres, are among the ten largest in the world. However, gas production is not as significant economically. Exports of liquefied natural gas began in 1999 and have since grown rapidly, with the establishment of the West African Gas Pipeline set to provide a secure basis for future gas exports. Operational since 2008, the pipeline was the first regional natural gas transmission system in Sub-Saharan Africa, supplying gas from the Niger Delta in Nigeria to Benin, Togo and Ghana.

According to the EITI Oil and Gas Report, government revenue from the petroleum sector was US$68.4 million in 2011.

Oil and Gas organisations in Nigeria
Addax Petroleum Exploration Ltd
African Petroleum Plc
Chevron Nigeria Ltd
ExxonMobil Nigeria
FEM Associates
Linkso Nigeria Ltd
Loving Brothers Nigeria Ltd
National Agip Oil Co. Ltd
Nigerian Agip Oil Co. (NAOC)
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Platform Petroleum Ltd
Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd, The
Texaco Nigeria PLC
Total Nigeria Plc
Tricontinental Oil Services Ltd
Ultrasprings Nigeria Ltd
Ultrasprings Nigeria Ltd