Find Security expertise in Nigeria

In recent years, Nigeria’s private security industry has developed rapidly, providing services to international organisations, NGOs, embassies and local and international businesses particularly the oil companies. Security has thus become one the most significant players in the Nigerian economy. According to the best informed estimates of an independent study in 2005 (‘The Globalisation of Private Security, Country Report: Nigeria’), in 2005 there were between 1,500 and 2,000 private security companies (PSCs) in Nigeria, employing more than 100,000 people. The largest PSCs, in terms of headcount, are Prudential Security and Halogen Security. Prudential Security has almost 9,000 guards and operates throughout the country. Halogen Security employs approximately 4,000 guards.

International security companies have started to arrive in Nigeria; Outsourcing Services Ltd. is perhaps the most notable of these new arrivals. OSL commenced operations in 2002 as a component of the South African company Gray Security. Gray Security was then purchased by Securicor and is now part of the global security company Group4Securicor.

Some companies in Nigeria have begun to move into niche areas, including e-security. One example is Niche Konsult, an information technology security firm based in Abuja. International firms are also involved in providing e-security in Nigeria. For instance, there is the Unified Security Solutions Ltd., based in the UK. 

Security organisations in Nigeria
Ad-Mark Nigeria Co.
Afriscope Ltd
Alfasine Security & System Ltd
Alhaji S. Ajao & Brothers Ltd
Allscope Technologies Ltd
Amach Security Services Ltd
Anadal Technologies Ltd
Around ‘D’ Clock Security Co. Ltd
Ashaka Security Co. Ltd
Benrose Security Services
Beverly Cops Security Services Ltd
Burglary Alarm Security Services & Comms. Ltd
Capimpex Nigeria Ltd
Capital Security Ltd
Cardinal Security Services
Cemrod Security Services Ltd
Centre Point Security Ltd
Cepco Security Systems Ltd
Chuhenchu Security Co. Ltd
De Jaram Kong Security Ltd
Destany Electronic Security Systems Nigeria Ltd
Diamond Security Holdings
EES Projects Ltd
Effanti Ltd
Elite Security Services Ltd
Etech Security Ltd
Flare Securities Ltd
G4S Nigeria Ltd
Grekos Security Nigeria Ltd
Guardsmark Nigeria
Halogen Security Co. Ltd
Infineon Nigeria Ltd
Integrated Systems & Devices Ltd
Inter-Falcon Security Services Ltd
Iternational Security System Ltd
K-9 Security
Kings Guards Ltd
Kollash Business & Technologies Ltd
Kurrent Resources Ltd
L'Anubis Ltd
Lai Security and Investigation Services Ltd
Lenz Technologies Ltd
Libertine Global Solutions
Locks Plus Ltd
London Security & Investigation Services
Majestic Scepter Ltd
MaxSecure Link
N.S.G Security and Investigation Co. Ltd
National Professional Security Association
Nigeria Gen. Security and Safety Co. Ltd
Nostrum Consulting
O-Secul Nigeria Ltd
Olive Guards Ltd
Prime Security and Safety Services Ltd
Primotek Systems Ltd
Professional & Industrial Security Association of Nigeria
Profile Security Services
Protection Plus Services Ltd
QSTC Services Ltd
Quality Electric Security Systems Telecoms Ltd
Rapid Vigil Securities Co. Ltd
Sambak (Round The Clock) Security Nigeria Ltd
Secmek Security System Ltd
Security World Nigeria Ltd
ServArmour Security Solutions
Strike Force Securities Ltd
Tagged Technologies Ltd
Technocrime Security Ltd
Theohawk Security Ltd
Trans-World Security Systems Ltd
Unic Engineering Ltd
Unique Security and Investigation Services Ltd
Villeworth Security Services Ltd
Zebra Tech Nigeria Ltd