Transport in Nigeria

Nigeria has a good public transport system with domestic and international airports, road and rail networks between the major cities and towns such as Abuja, Lagos, Kano and Benin City. Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is the regulatory body for aviation in Nigeria and provides aviation safety and economic regulation. Several leading car hire companies operate in Nigeria. Trains in Nigeria are operated by Nigerian Railways. The best way to move around towns and cities in Nigeria is by OKADA, motorcycle operators. The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is responsible for managing Nigeria’s ports. Inland waterways total about 8,500 (5,300 mi). The Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) has improved transportation in Lagos City. Car hire can be obtained in Lagos, Abuja and via hotels.

Transport organisations in Nigeria
ADC Air Lines
Aero Contractors Co. Nigeria Ltd
Aero Contractors Co. Nigeria Ltd, Port-Harcourt Office
Albarka Air
Automobile Club of Nigeria
Bell View Airlines Ltd
Chanchangi Airlines (3U/NCH)
EAS Airlines
Express Airways Nigeria / Sky Power Express Airways
Freedom Air Services
Kabo Air Ltd, Kano
Kabo Air Ltd, Lagos
National Association of Tourist Boat Operators and Water Transporters
Nigeria Ports Authority
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
Nigerian Railway Corporation
Okada Air, Benin City
Okada Air, Lagos
Oriental Airline