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The Pakistan Board of Investment was established by the Prime Minister’s Secretariat in 2001 to encourage foreign investment across the economy of Pakistan. This board is aimed at gaining investment for export-oriented industries such as the textile and mining industries, as well for the IT and telecoms industries.
Provincial investment boards also exist to attract investment into particular regions, such as the Punjabi Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT). The Pakistan Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDA) works to help businesses by attracting investment and advising government towards the creation of a favourable climate for these businesses. Others include the State Bank of Pakistan (the central bank), the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission and the Pakistan Tourism Development Commission.

Economic Development Agencies organisations in Pakistan
Asian Bank Development (Pakistan Resident Mission)
Board of Investment
Development, Rehabilitation of Environment and Movement for Sustainable Development
Export Promotion Bureau Pakistan
Foreign Trade Institute of Pakistan
National Development Finance Corporation
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority
Trade Development Authority of Pakistan