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Road transport provides the backbone around which Pakistan’s freight and passenger services operate. The national highway and motorway network extends to almost 10,000km and services about 80% of Pakistan’s motor traffic. Both Pakistan’s road and rail services predominantly run along a north-south axis, providing the ports in the south west of the country with goods produced in Pakistan’s primary production centres further north.

The expansion of a port at Qwadar has led to the construction of an east-west motorway called the Makran Highway, which has taken the journey time to Karachi down from a matter of days to just 7 hours, and will also add an express route to Iran. Pakistan’s highways connect the country to the rest of its neighbours in the region.

Pakistan’s rail network is operated by Pakistan Railways. The network is in relatively good condition, although there are some major challenges in terms of freight efficiency. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report ranked the network at 55, compared to India, which attained a rank of 22 (2010).

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