Find Insurance and Reinsurance expertise in Papua New Guinea

There are several insurance and reinsurance companies in Papua New Guinea, many of which specialise in a variety of divisions of the insurance market. QBE International provides insurance in specialist areas such as professional liability, marine and medical insurance and has been represented in Papua New Guinea since 1899. Motor Vehicles Insurance Ltd offers specialist insurance for this section of the industry. Lloyd’s of London provides insurance in circumstances where the local licensed insurers are unwilling or unable to assume the specific risk. When reinsurance is required by a local company, the Insurance Act 1995 stipulates that it can only be gained from a locally licensed insurer. The Life Insurance Act of 2000 makes provision for the licensing, regulation and supervision of companies involved in life insurance. The primary life insurance companies listed under the act includes Kwila Insurance Corporation Ltd, Life Insurance Corporation (PNG) Ltd, Workers Mutual Insurance (PNG) Ltd, Pacific MMI Insurance Ltd and Capital Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Papua New Guinea
American Home Assurance Co.
AMP Society
Asian Pacific Insurance Brokers Ltd
Capital Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Century Insurance (PNG) Ltd
Croesus Ltd
Hayden Lloyd & Associates
HIH Insurance Ltd
Inspac Ltd
Insurance Institute of Papua New Guinea
Insurance Partners PNG Ltd
Kanda International
Kina Securities Ltd
Kwila Insurance Corporation Ltd
Life Insurance Corporation (PNG) Ltd
Manton Group
Marsh Ltd
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd
Motor Vehicles Insurance Ltd
National Teachers Insurance Ltd
Pacific Assurance Group Ltd
Pacific MMI Insurance Ltd
PNG Insurance Council Inc
Police Communication Insurance
QBE International
Sedgwick James Kassman Ltd
South Pacific Insurance Advisors Ltd (SPIA)
Tower Insurance
Workers Mutual Insurance (PNG) Ltd
Zurich Pacific Insurance Ltd