Find Corporate expertise in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea consists of a concentrated market with a limited number of large companies in the country. The Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Group – also known as RH – is one of the country’s largest employers and the leading manufacturer and exporter of forest products. The largest public companies include Airlines PNG, Bank South Pacific Ltd, City Pharmacy Ltd, Coppermoly Ltd, Credit Corporation Ltd, Cue Energy Resources Ltd and Highlands Pacific Ltd. Port Moresby Stock Exchange Ltd (POMSoX) is the country’s principal stock exchange and was established to provide an infrastructure to sustain growth and expansion by offering investors opportunities to share in wealth creation initiatives.

Major Corporations organisations in Papua New Guinea
Airlines PNG
Bank South Pacific Ltd
City Pharmacy Ltd
Coppermoly Ltd
Credit Corporation Ltd
Cue Energy Resources Ltd
Highlands Pacific Ltd
Petromin PNG Holdings Limited
Port Moresby Stock Exchange Ltd (POMSoX)
Rimbunan Hijau Group