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There are 19 main telephone lines, 342 mobile phone subscriptions and 20 internet users per 1,000 people (2011). As well as 64 personal computers per 1,000 people (2005).

Incorporated in 1955, Telekom PNG owns and operates the entire telecommunications network in Papua New Guinea. The company is wholly owned by the state and has a 50% state in mobile telecoms company B-Mobile. Telikom PNG offers landline, mobile and broadband services. The government has indicated that privatisation of Telikom PNG Ltd is an option that it would be willing to explore.

The major internet service providers are Daltron, Datec PNG, DG Computers, Global Technologies, and Online PNG. Digicel offers mobile services and has been granted a licence to start landline services. Citifone is the third mobile operator to offer services to Papua New Guinea.

Mobile communications availability in Papua New Guinea is expected to increase throughout the 21st century to eventually cover 100% of population as Digicel expands its communication towers across the countryside. In 2014 SIM penetration was below 50% of the population. However, the announcement of the licensing of a third mobile network operator in 2014 is expected to see further competition in this market, leading to increased penetration rates. While the fixed-line telephone and broadband market are small, the NTN/NBN is expected to be nearing its completion by 2017.

Telecoms and Internet Service Providers organisations in Papua New Guinea
Alcatel PNG
ConXions Ltd
Daltron PNG
Data Nets Ltd
Datec PNG
Global Internet Ltd
Global Technologies Ltd
Online PNG
Pacific Mobile Communications Co. Ltd
Pacific Network Ltd
Rad-Tel (PNG) Ltd
Telelink Services Ltd
Telikom PNG Ltd