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Water supply in Papua New Guinea is complex, with both government and private entities involved in assisting with water provision. Water PNG was established under the National Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1986 as a state-owned enterprise with responsibility for the provision and management of water supply and sewage services throughout Papua New Guinea, with the exception of the National Capital District (NCD). The National Capital District Commission Act of 1996 saw the formation of NCD Water and Sewerage (trading as Edu Ranu) to take on responsibility of supplying fresh water and sewage treatment within the National Capital District.

Four out of ten people use an improved drinking water source and 4% have access to adequate sanitation facilities (2010).Access to clean drinking water is an issue for a significant portion of the population, specifically in rural areas, and independent observers have commented that there are large disparities between water and sanitation provision throughout the country. WaterAid, an international NGO, has been working in Papua New Guinea since 2005, with funding from WaterAid Australia, and has helped with sanitation projects in rural communities by targeting schools in order to reach as many citizens as possible. The Asian Development Bank also provides funding for water and sanitation improvements in rural communities.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Papua New Guinea
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