National Agencies

There are numerous national agencies in Papua New Guinea working across many areas, including capacity-building, finance, health, education and sustainable development. National agencies are publicly funded bodies, commissions, state-owned enterprises or authorities whose establishment is backed by an Act of Parliament. The Constitution of Papua New Guinea labels national agencies ‘governmental bodies’, and defines the term to include a branch, department, agency or instrumentality of the national government or a provincial government, or a body set up by statute or administrative act for governmental or official purposes. Some of the key national agencies in the country include the Bank of Papua New Guinea, the Investment Promotion Authority, the National Fisheries Authority, the Papua New Guinea Business Council and the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA).

National Agencies organisations in Papua New Guinea
Australia-Papau New Guinea Business Council
Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)
Bank of Papua New Guinea
Business Council of Papua New Guinea, The
Independent Public Business Corporation
Institute of National Affairs
Investment Promotion Authority
Lae Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Manufacturers Council of Papua New Guinea, The
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
National Aids Council Secretariat
National Fisheries Authority
New Zealand Pacific Business Council
Pacific Islands Trade & Investment Commission (PITIC)
Papau New Guinea Business Coalition Against HIV & AIDS (BAHA)
Papua New Guinea Business Council
Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA)
PNG Correctional Services
PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd