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Rwanda’s agriculture industry employs almost 90% of the country’s working population, accounts for over 81% of land use (2009) and is the most significant contributor to the country’s GDP at 34.2% (2010). The sector also generates around 70% of export revenues and 90% of the national food requirements (2008). Main produce include sweet potatoes, cassava, potatoes, dry beans, corn, sugarcane and sorghum. Coffee contributes significantly to the economy, and coffee and tea exports combined contribute the most towards the country’s export earnings. Rwanda’s principal export partners are Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, China, Swaziland, US and Pakistan. Bananas are one of the major commodities in Rwanda’s agricultural sub-sector, and are used as cash and food crops. Smaller exports include quinine and pyrethrum. The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) is responsible for the development of programmes that will transform and modernise the agriculture and livestock trade to ensure that food security and positive contributions to the national economy take place.

Agriculture organisations in Rwanda
Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI)