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Mining’s contribution to Rwanda’s GDP has historically not been significant; however, the National Bank of Rwanda noted that in 2007 mining activities rose by 38.9%. Rwanda’s main mineral exports are ores processed to extract tin, coltan and tungsten. According to Rwanda’s Development Board (RDB), only about a quarter of potential output is being used. It has identified opportunities in quarries specifically useful for construction, and various precious stones, including gold and diamonds. Significant peat deposits in the southwest of the country are being exploited at an increasing rate. Peat can be used for electricity generation or processed into an alternative for firewood. Registered firms in the mining and mineral sector include Wolfram Bergbau, Metal Processing Association (MPA), Natural Resources Development Rwanda Ltd, Bay View Group, Sinotrade, Pyramid International, Rwanda Metals, Rwanda Allied Partners and Africa Tangsten.

Mining and Minerals organisations in Rwanda
Metal Processing Association (MPA)
Ministry of Lands Enviornment, Forestry, Water & Mines
National Bank of Rwanda
Rwanda Allied Partners
Rwanda's Development Board (RDB)