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Educational publishers make up a significant part of the book publishing market in Rwanda with institutions such as the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IRST), National University of Rwanda (NUR) and Rwandese Institute of Dialogue for Peace (IRDP) all publishing regular work on historical, political and scientific publications. Major international publishers that operate in the country include Macmillan Education and Cambridge University Press. The trade publishing market is scarce with there being a lack of authors writing literature and poetry. Any small local publishing houses focus on niche markets. Editions Bakame, for example, was founded in 1995 and was Rwanda’s first publishing house to produce children’s and youth literature.

Rwanda is ranked at 32 out of 144 countries on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competiveness Report 2012–13 and has been given a score of 4.8 out of 7.0 for intellectual property protection. By comparison, adjoining country Uganda is placed 84 out of 144 countries with a score of 3.3.

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