Research and Consultancy in Rwanda

The Rwandan Government often employs niche research consultancy firms as well as individual consultants to ensure that efficient service delivery standards are maintained. Consultancy expertise is employed across a range of sectors. Projects include the use of international accounting firms to provide technical support to improve the government’s financial management, accounting and financial reporting mechanisms. The use of individual consultants in the Rwandan Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Scientific Research (MINEDUC) is standard practice. The International Development Association (IDA) has on occasion made funds available for eligible consultancy services to help establish their Multi-sector Capacity Building Program (MSCBP). As agriculture is such a significant sector in the economy, the government has set up the Rwanda Agriculture Research Institute (ISAR) to coordinate all agricultural research activities in Rwanda and to employ research consultants to meet these needs.

Research and Consultancy organisations in Rwanda
Rwanda Agriculture Research Institute (ISAR)