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The constitution provides for freedom of the press in conditions prescribed by the law. The media is regulated by the government, although censorship is forbidden. The Rwanda National Information Office, ORINFOR, operates the state-owned broadcaster Radio Rwanda and the main television channel, TV Rwanda. Programming is conducted in English, French and Kinyarwanda. International broadcasters BBC, DeuRwanda’s Private Sector Federation (PSF), established in 1999, replaced Rwanda’s former Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It looks after the interests of the private sector, and seeks to provide innovative services for growth and professionalism of member enterprises. The network of institutions established under the PSF include: Business Development Services (BDS) in all five provinces; Associated Chambers, including the Chambers of Agriculture, Commerce, Crafts, Liberal Professions, Tourism, Women Entrepreneurs, Young Entrepreneurs and Finance; and the Centre of Arbitration, which looks after dispute resolution.

Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce organisations in Rwanda
Private Sector Federation (PSF)