Government Ministries

The Government of Rwanda is made up of about 17 ministries. The ministries are staffed by civil servants who are the main instrument for implementing government policy. The Prime Minister of Rwanda holds the responsibility of coordinating the functioning of the cabinet in accordance with broad guidelines set by the president. He also assigns duties to the ministers, the ministers of state and other members of the cabinet. In 2008 the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs (MINICAAF) was established with three specialist departments and tasked with the role of tracking the implementation of cabinet decisions. The principal non-political executive in each ministry has the title of permanent secretary.

Government Ministries organisations in Rwanda
Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI)
Ministry of Cabinet Affairs
Ministry of Defence (MINADEF)
Ministry of East African Community
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MINAFFET)
Ministry of Forestry and Mines
Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA)
Ministry of Internal Security (MININTER)
Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST)
Ministry of Local Government, Good Governance, Community Development, & Social Affairs
Ministry of Natural Disasters & Refugee Affairs
Ministry of Natural Resources (MINIRENA)
Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA)
Ministry of Sports and Culture (MINISPOC)
Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM)
The Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST)