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Agriculture, forestry and fisheries contributed 3.1% of Saint Lucia’s GDP in 2010, whilst in 2009, 18% of land was used for agricultural purposes. There are many small and medium sized agricultural enterprises, as well as some commercial farming. The main agricultural products are bananas, coconuts, vegetables, citrus fruits, root crops and cocoa. Bananas are the most important crop, dominating around half of all cultivated land and gross agricultural output. Almost the entirety of Saint Lucia’s banana production is exported, although production can be constrained by hurricanes and climatic fluctuations. Coconuts are also exported, whereas vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes are mainly produced for consumption by the country’s population.

Saint Lucia’s livestock sector is small and is dominated by poultry and pork. Saint Lucia Banana Growers Association (SLBGA) is important in the industry as is the Windward Island Farmers’ Association (WINFA) which is a member of the Fairtrade initiative. The Department of Agriculture, part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and Fisheries is responsible for overseeing the sector.

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