The Ministry for External Affairs, International Trade and Investment is responsible for the co-ordination of Saint Lucia’s international relations. Historically, the main focus of foreign affairs in Saint Lucia has been economic development, with the government seeking to establish balanced international relations which emphasise mutual economic co-operation, trade and investment. The majority of the country’s foreign policy is conducted through membership to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Saint Lucia has good bilateral relations with many countries, including major powers active in the Caribbean such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and France. These friendly relations are maintained through embassies. Saint Lucia is a member of the United Nations with a permanent mission in Geneva and New York.

Embassies organisations in Saint Lucia
Denmark, Royal Consulate of
Embassy of St. Lucia of Washington DC, United States of America
Embassy of the Eastern Caribbean States in Brussels, Belgium
Honorary Consulate General of Saint Lucia in Havana, Cuba
Honorary Consulate of St. Lucia in Cayenne, French Guiana
Honorary Consulate of St. Lucia in Hong Kong
Permanent Delegation of Saint Lucia to the UNESCO in Paris, France
St. Lucia Honorary Consulate in Bad Homburg, Germany