Government Ministries

The political head of some 15 government ministries – such as the Ministry of Education and Culture or the Ministry of Finance – is a minister. Ministers are appointed by the governor-general, on the advice of the prime minister, from among the senators and members of the House of Assembly. The administrative head of each ministry is a public officer or civil servant appointed by the governor-general, and holds the title of permanent secretary. The constitution of Saint Lucia states that there must be a permanent secretary supervising every government department, although the same permanent secretary is permitted to supervise two or more departments. Permanent secretaries are supported by deputy permanent secretaries.

Government Ministries organisations in Saint Lucia
Attorney General's Chambers and Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Forestry
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs
Ministry of Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Economic Planning and National Development
Ministry of External Affairs, International Trade and Investment
Ministry of Health Wellness, Family Affairs, National Mobilization, Human Services and Gender Rel.
Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security
Ministry of Labour, Information and Broadcasting
Ministry of Physical Planning, Housing, Urban Renewal and Local Government
Ministry of Social Transformation, Public Service, Human Resource Development, Youth and Sports
Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation