Find Advertising, Marketing and PR expertise in Samoa

Samoa’s small market makes it a challenge for advertising, marketing and PR companies to operate due to limited nature of internal demand. Tourism nevertheless is a major industry in Samoa so international marketing plays an important role in raising the country’s profile. The government of Samoa and private companies are at the forefront of this in their attempts to attract FDI and grow tourism revenues, employing marketing experts and contracting to outside agencies in the process. For example, the partially state-owned airline, Polynesian Blue, which is run in partnership with Australia’s Virgin Blue, was able to expand substantially through a specific programme of marketing to potential investors.

The attitude for potential advertisers in the private sector for a long time has been that with such a small population in Samoa word can get around quickly and easily without advertising. However, over the last decade (2002-12), the advertising services industry in Samoa has experienced notable growth. A handful of independent advertising houses in Samoa such as Skylite Productions and Go Advertising operate sustainable businesses. The industry even supports specialised firms for example, the outdoor advertising firm Barefoot Advertising Samoa.