Education NGOs and CSOs in Samoa

NGOs contribute to the Samoan education sector primarily through running non-governmental institutions for disadvantaged groups, such as the disabled (Samoa Society for the Intellectually Handicapped). The government works closely with NGOs – an example of this collaboration is the establishment of the National Council for Early Childhood Education, a quasi-NGO which regulates preschool education. The National Samoa Teachers Association represents the teaching community. There is an association of teachers specialising in English teaching, the Association of Teachers of English in Samoa. Some institutions have made great strides in attaining trained staff which are paid, and in gaining access to the rural areas where much of the population dwells. Such organisations have actually led the government in such niche areas of education. NGOs have also helped to promote opportunities and education for women, who have worked in partnership with the government, and its relevant ministries, to deal with such issues.

Education NGOs and CSOs organisations in Samoa
O Le Siosiomaga Society Inc / National Environment Society