Education Suppliers in Samoa

Primary education textbooks and other supplies are sourced both locally and overseas. Secondary level education and aspects of higher education are influenced by the New Zealand curriculum thus learning materials are either from New Zealand or similar to the ones used in New Zealand. Academics from Samoa and New Zealand, New Zealand companies Mahobe Resources and New Zealand consultancy Auckland UniServices, with the assistance of funding from NZAID, prepare a significant portion of Samoa’s secondary school curriculum. New Zealand-based publishers supplying textbooks to Samoa include Cengage Learning, Learning Media, Nelson Thorne, Pearson (or Longman) and Oxford University Press. Read Pacific, based in New Zealand, is a prominent supplier of books and equipment to schools in Samoa and the surrounding South Pacific states. Scholastic is another publisher based in New Zealand and has been donating books to Samoan schools through the Ocean of Books programme.

Education Suppliers organisations in Samoa
Learning Media (Pacific Nations)