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Freight, shipping and logistics services are available in Seychelles via land, air and sea. The Seychelles Port Authority is developing and has, since 2004, established the Port of Victoria as a respected port in the region. The Department of Finance and Trade is responsible for overseeing the sector.

The transport infrastructure on Seychelles consists of, for airfreight, 14 airports of which 7 have paved runways and one heliport. The main international airport (Seychelles International Airport) is located at Mahé. For overland freighting, Seychelles has 508km of roadway of which the majority is paved.

The European Commission estimates that Seychelles imported €0.8billion worth of goods from EU, Saudi Arabia and South Africa in 2010. This typically consists of Machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products, chemicals and manufactured goods. Exports of canned tuna, frozen fish, cinnamon, copra and petroleum products principally from EU, Japan and Thailand were worth €0.3billion.

The country has nine merchant marine vessels including cargo vessels, carriers, chemical tankers and petroleum tankers. Port Victoria (sometimes known as Port Mahé) is one of the deepest ports in the region and is used by a number of international shipping lines for transhipment purposes with ships coming into the commercial harbour from Europe, the Far East and South Africa. It is regulated by the Seychelles Port Authority (SPA). There are eight berths at Port Victoria and two additional mooring buoys; the berths range from 30m-370m in length with a draught depth from 2.5m-11.5m. Fuel, fresh water supplies and modern handling equipment are available in at the port.  Prominent companies include Aquarius Shipping Agency and Mahé Shipping Company.

World leading freight and courier companies Fedex, UPS, DHL and TNT operate in the country, the latter three represented locally by I.B.L. Services (Sey) Ltd, Hunt Deltel and Co. Ltd and Mahé Shipping Company Ltd respectively. They offer clearing and forwarding services in the country. Consultancy services are also available from local firms.

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