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The population of Seychelles are known as Seychellois. Their national languages are Creole, English and French. The adult literacy rate in Seychelles is around 96% (2010). Key Human Resources institutes and councils include the Seychelles Institute of Management, which offers a range of training opportunities, consultancy and research services; and the National Human Resources Development Council, works to promote and coordinate policy interventions which lead to the development of human resources in Seychelles. Employment Services Bureau issues job cards required for all Seychellois being considered for employment and is notified of all job vacancies in Seychelles; jobs must first be offered to a suitable qualified Seychellois, if no response then the company can request for permission to hire a non-Seychellois. All non-Seychellois must obtain a Gainful Occupational Permit (GOP) to work in Seychelles, whether working independently or employed by local firms and companies. 

Human Resources organisations in Seychelles
National Human Resources Development Council