Find Security expertise in Seychelles


Seychelles has a small security and defence force, which includes about 575 police officers (2012). Although there is no strict regulation of private security, serving soldiers cannot use their military skills to work for private security firms while on leave (2010). Seychelles Technical Services prides itself for being world leaders for private security services and the most prominent private security supplier, Modelco, provides a range of security services including access control systems, security and surveillance systems and guard tour systems. Other suppliers include Pilgrim Security, MEJ Electrical Ltd, Pegasus Security and Isles Security Agency Ltd. Private security contracts in Seychelles are worth €25m (2010).

Security organisations in Seychelles
Abyss Security Protection Agency
F.I.S. Ltd Total Security 2000
Island Protection System Co. Ltd
Mej Electrical Ltd
Pilgrims Security Ltd