Find Telecommunication expertise in Seychelles

In Seychelles, there are 321 main telephone lines, 1,457 mobile phone subscriptions and 432 internet users per 1,000 people (2011). Additionally there are 216 personal computers per 1,000 people (2007).

There are three telecom operators in Seychelles: Cable & Wireless, Airtel Seychelles and Intelvision. These companies also offer internet service and there are numerous internet cafes on the three main islands. Intelvision became Seychelles third telecom provider in 2006, the company already provided a cable TV service on the island and is now offering fixed telephony and internet access services. Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd, a branch of Cable and Wireless Olc, UK, is the national telecom operator in Seychelles. There are two GSM networks in operation, Cable and Wireless and Airtel. Payphones are available in most districts on the Inner Islands while the international roaming agreements are in force in Seychelles.