Find National NGO expertise in Seychelles

Seychelles has an active civil society. NGOs cover a variety of sectors including manufacturing, education and the environment. Some prominent NGOs are the Textiles and Tailoring Association of Seychelles, Seychelles Educational Leadership and Management Association, Seychelles Farmers Association, LUNGOS, Academy of Civil Society, Seychelles Headteachers Association and the National Council for Children. According to the constitution of the Seychelles, NGOs must register under the Associations Act of 1991.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in Seychelles
African Friendship Association
Central for Rights and Development
Children and Youth Commission
Committee for Awareness, Resilience and Education
Hiv/Aids Support Organisation
Inter Generation Association or the Well-Being of Senior Citizens
Liaison Unit of Non-Governmental Organisations of Seychelles
Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles
National Consumers Forum
National Council for the Disabled
Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles
Rotary Club of Seychelles
Seychelles Disabled People\'s Organisation
Seychelles Farmers Association
Seychelles Headteachers Association
Seychelles Library Association