Universities and Colleges in Seychelles

Providers of tertiary education under the Ministry of Education include National Institute of Education and Seychelles Institute of Technology (both located on Mahé). Providers under other ministries include the Farmers’ Training Centre; Maritime Training Centre; National College of the Arts; National Institute for Health and Social Studies; and Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Training College. The Seychelles Polytechnic (at Anse Royale on the island of Mahé) and the Seychelles Institute of Technology (Providence, Mahé) offer courses to diploma level and have been providing first-year undergraduate degree courses in conjunction with the University of Manchester, UK, since 2001.  Literacy among people aged 15&-24 is 99% (2010).

Universities and Colleges organisations in Seychelles
National College of the Arts
Seychelles Polytechnic