Government Ministries

The president and his Cabinet function as the political heads of Seychelles’s ministries, including the Ministry for Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy and the Ministry for Investment, Natural Resources and Industry. Some government ministries in Seychelles are part of the portfolios of the President’s Office and the Vice President’s Office while appointed Cabinet members are responsible for the remaining ministries. Ministries are often divided into different departments which are headed by principal secretaries and directors general, civil servants responsible for the administration of department activity. The Department of Environment is located within the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Transport and is responsible for permits, trade, conservation and rehabilitation of the lands, waters and wildlife of Seychelles while the Department of Legal Affairs is part of the President’s Office and responsible for all criminal prosecutions, civil litigation and notary work by the government.

Government Ministries organisations in Seychelles
Commonwealth Secretariat
Department of Defence
Department of Finance
Department of Information Technology & Communications
Department of Internal Affairs
Department of Police
Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resouces
Ministry of Community Development and Youth, Sports and Culture
Ministry of Employment and Human Resources Development
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Ministry of Finance and Trade
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Health and Social Development
Ministry of Home Affairs, Police, Prisons and Internal Affairs
Ministry of Information, Technology and Communication
Ministry of Investment, Natural Resources and Industry
Ministry of Land Use and Housing
Ministry of National Development
Ministry of Tourism and Transport