National Agencies

There are many national agencies in Seychelles working across a number of areas including economic development and investment, education, finance, health care, arts, culture and conservation. National agencies are publicly funded bodies, commissions, state-owned enterprises or authorities established by an act of the National Assembly. The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) was created by the Public Utilities Corporation Act of 1985 and is responsible for providing electricity, water and sewerage services to the islands of Seychelles. The government established the National AIDS Council and Trust Fund in 2002 to mobilise resources and coordinate prevention and care efforts. The Seychelles Heritage Foundation was developed to preserve and encourage the proper development of the cultural heritage environment, manage heritage sites, broaden public participation and promote research and educational programmes. The Seychelles Fishing Authority was created in 1984 to sustainably develop the fishing industry in Seychelles and provide training and representation for fishermen at a national and international level.

National Agencies organisations in Seychelles
Central Bank of the Seychelles
Housing Finance Company
National Statistics Bureau
Seychelles Bureau of Standards
Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Seychelles International Business Authority
Seychelles International Business Authority
Seychelles Investment Bureau
Seychelles Investment Bureau
Seychelles Licensing Authority
Seychelles Pension Fund
Seychelles Police Force
Seychelles Ports Authority
Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority (STMA)