Find Advertising, Marketing and PR expertise in Sierra Leone

Historically, marketing, advertising and PR have principally serviced the diamond industry, Sierra Leone’s most lucrative export. This work tends to be done in house by major traders although specialist international companies such as Overseas Diamonds NV have sometimes been used. Outside this there has been little development of the professions although schemes run by NGOs and other local development programmes identify marketing as a key element in national economical development.

The International Labour Organisation set up the Kafoima Youth Development Organization (KAYDO) to encourage the youth of the region not to leave rural Sierra Leone to seek work in its urban centres. This was partly done through a production and marketing centre which engaged in small-scale manufacturing and trade both locally and internationally over the internet.

The marketing, advertising and PR industries are in their infancy in Sierra Leone thus the country scores low in comparison to others around the globe. In extent of marketing which scores countries on a scale of 1 to 7 where 1 means that very little use is made of sophisticated marketing tools and techniques and 7 that much use is made of these techniques, Sierra Leone scores 2.5. This places it in 139th place out of 144 countries worldwide. This low ranking is reflected in its position for buyer sophistication where it comes 134th with a score of 2.3. This is well below the world mean of 3.1 and indicates that buyers in Sierra Leone make decisions based more on lowest price than on a sophisticated analysis of performance attributes.