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The National Power Authority (NPA) and Bo-Kenema Power Services (BKPS) which fall under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Power are the only distributors of electricity in the country. One of the ministry’s main development objectives is the Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project for the provision of an environmentally sustainable and efficient power source. As is the case with many infrastructure related projects in the Sierra Leone, the project is open to private sector involvement and forms part of a sustainable reform through privatization strategy. Power supply in the country can be sporadic. Most of the electricity supply is restricted to the main cities Freetown, Kenema, Bo and Makeni. The Kingtom Power Station (KPS) has been the primary generating station in the Western Area for many years and functions on diesel.

Electricity and Power organisations in Sierra Leone
Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project
Ministry of Energy and Power
National Power Authority, The