Find Insurance and Reinsurance expertise in Sierra Leone

Insurance companies in Sierra Leone offer a broad range of services including traditional lines such as life, car and health; and various forms commercial insurance such as marine insurance. The Sierra Leone Insurance Company offers a broad range of services and pride themselves in effective compensation of legitimate claims, The Aureol Insurance Company aside from traditional lines also offer engineering and electronic insurance, whilst Atlas direct offers travel insurance. Most of the sector invest its funds in real estate. The National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) have been set up as Statutory Public Trust to administer Sierra Leone’s National Pension Scheme. The Sierra Leone Insurance Commission (SLIC) holds the responsibility of developing an effective system of prudential regulation in order to ensure the solvency of insurance companies, as well as effective interaction between the insurance companies.

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Sierra Leone
Atlas direct
Aureol Insurance Co. Ltd
Commercial Insurance Co.
International Insurance Co. Ltd
KEK Insurance Brokers Ltd
Macauley Bangura & Co.
Motor & General Insurance Co. Ltd
National Insurance Co.
National Social Security & Insurance Trust of Sierra Leone
New India Assurance Co.
Reliance Insurance Trust Corporation
Sierra Leone Insurance Commission (SLICOM)
Sierra Leone Insurance Company Ltd
Sisay & Associate
Transworld Insurance Co.