Find Security expertise in Sierra Leone

Private security companies (PSCs) and private military companies (PMCs) in Sierra Leone have a history of not only being hired by private companies or citizens but also by the government. Accordingly, any person who wishes to operate a private security company shall apply to the Office of National Security (ONS) for a licence for that purpose, as stipulated in the National Security and Central Intelligence Act of 2002. Companies used in the past include the UK based company Gurkha Security Guards (GSG), as well as well as the South African based company, Executive Outcomes (EO), though the later was used primarily to train the national army – they have now ceased to exist.. One of the larger private security companies operational since peace was re-established, is G4S Security Services (SL) Ltd.

Security organisations in Sierra Leone
BlackGuard Security Company
G4S Security Services (SL) Ltd
Gurkha Security Guards (GSG)
Hereford Security Services Ltd
Hughes Security International
Office of National Security (ONS)
Pendrax Security (SL)
Security Support Group International
Trust Security Services Ltd
Universal Professional Security Agency