Find Water and Sanitation expertise in Sierra Leone

Approximately 55% of people use an improved drinking water source and 13% have access to adequate sanitation facilities (2010). There are many subsidiary arms of government contributing to the effective provision of water services, including the Water Supply Division (WSD); the National Energy and Water Policy, Planning and Coordination Unit (NEWPPCU); and the Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC), all of which fall under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Power. The Sierra Leone Water Company SALWACO holds the responsibility of ensuring clean and drinkable water in Sierra Leone. Water supply and infrastructure still needs significant attention. Independent observers note that foreign visitors should sterilise all water before consumption.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Sierra Leone
Ministry of Energy & Water Resources
Ministry of Energy and Power
Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO)
Water Supply Division (WSD)