Education NGOs and CSOs in Sierra Leone

Various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations (CSOs) support Sierra Leone’s education sector. Education Action, an international NGO, is working with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to train teachers with skills to cope with students affected by the war and to teach with limited resources. Free the Children, runs an ‘Adopt a village’ programme that seeks to build schools in rural areas, and supply the schools with the necessary infrastructure to inspire hope and opportunities through education. Since 2006, Develop Africa has also been operating an education project that provides scholarships, books, school and teaching supplies to children and schools in Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa. LIFE, a USA based NGO have supplied modern scientific textbooks to over twenty five primary schools in Sierra Leone.

Education NGOs and CSOs organisations in Sierra Leone
Community Action Support Organization for Poverty Alleviation
Free the Children