Research Institutes in Sierra Leone

There are several higher education institutions and independent research institutes in Sierra Leone involved in undertaking research. Notable among these are the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI) that through the Rokupr Agricultural Research Centre (RARC) seeks to undertake research that will assist continued sustainable development – the institute is strongly supported by the Japanese government; the Institute of Research and Policy Management (IRMP) promotes the development of both the public and private sector management through research and the Sierra Leone Research Network of the Nordic Africa Institute undertake research in various fields relating to post-conflict transitional programs and developing sustainable development and peace initiatives. Njala University and Fourah Bay College are also major centres of research.

Research Institutes organisations in Sierra Leone
Fourah Bay College
Geological Survey Division
Institute of African Studies
Institute of Marine Biology and Oceanography
Njala University
Rokupr Agricultural Research Centre (RARC)
Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI)