Accommodation in Sierra Leone

Hotels are the primary form of tourist accommodation in Sierra Leone. Most of the hotels are located in Freetown, and have both swimming pools and air conditioning. Hotels are broadly defined and often include resort like accommodation. There are three luxury hotels at Laka and Tokay on the peninsula that offer access to the more remote parts of the country. There are few hotels in the interior one of which is of an international standard, located in Bo. Alternate accommodation that caters for smaller budgets includes the YMCA in Freetown, and government rest houses that are maintained by the Ministry of the Interior. YMCA has shared restroom and catering facilities, and the government rest houses require that visitors bring their own linen.

Accommodation organisations in Sierra Leone
Cabenda Hotel
China Town Guest House
Country Lodge Complex
Family Kingdom Resort
Hill Valley Hotel
Hotel 5-10 (Sltu)
Hotel Barmoi
Hotel Mariam
Laces Villa Guest House
Lungi Airport Hotel
Mahera Beach Hotel
Mamba Point Guest House
Mammy Yoko Hotel
Raza Guest House
Sierra Leone Hotel & Tourist Association
Sierra Lighthouse Hotel
Solar Hotel
Vancy Ville Guest House