Tourism in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s main tourist appeal is its natural beauty. The West African state offers secluded white sandy beaches, unspoilt rainforests and a series of breathtaking waterfalls. Though tourism was marred by the civil war, the appeal of its lush tropical surroundings, since peace was restored, has drawn many visitors back. The people of the country are hospitable and friendly. Freetown is the capital and it offers many attractions including a 500-year-old cotton tree, a museum and the King Jimmy Market with various bazaars for a unique shopping experience. In the northern region of Sierra Leone the Outamba-Kilimi National Park can be found, and aside from the magnificent scenery the park also offers elephants, chimpanzees and pygmy hippos. The tropical rain forest is the home to various endangered species of monkeys, baboons, birds, butterflies and also a variety of antelope and buffalo families. For those more interested in plant life the Sakanbiarwa plant reserve with its impressive collection of orchids is a must see.

Tourism organisations in Sierra Leone
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