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The private security industry in Singapore is experiencing growth, a phenomenon expected to continue, due partly to the support it derives from the government of Singapore. The industry generally offers three main services: guarding, investigations, and consulting. A close formal partnership exists between the government and three private security companies, namely SATS, Certis Cisco, and Aetos, which form an auxiliary police force. Auxiliary police officers are armed and are granted the same authority as the police in their respective jurisdiction including powers to detain, search, and make arrests. The private security industry’s activities not only involve the protection of private establishments, commercial properties, and major events such as international conferences, but also importantly major public buildings and installations. The sector is tightly regulated under the Private Security Industry Act 2007, which is administered by the Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD), an arm of the Police Force of Singapore. The government has seen the need to not stifle growth in this sector, but to maintain standards – as can be seen through the screening process for all prospective security officers within the city-state. 

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