Tourism in Singapore

Singapore is unique in that it is both a modern utopia, and a historical and cultural hotspot. Key attractions include, among many, the historical Chinatown, full of traditional architecture and culture; Little India, a chance for the senses to be overpowered by the smells, tastes, sights and sounds of the Indian sub-continent; the Raffles Hotel, an example of Victorian grandeur and Singapore’s colonial past; and Sentosa Island, which offers calm away from the bustling cityscape. Shopping and food are two of the key elements to Singapore’s appeal, along with the co-existance of traditional and modern elements.

Tourism organisations in Singapore
ASEAN Tourism Association
Association of Singapore Attractions
Mount Faber Leisure Group
National Association of Travel Agents Singapore
National Parks Board HQ
Registered Tour Guides Association
Sinba Travel Pte Ltd
Singapore Tourism Board
Singapore Tourist Information Centre
Singapore Visitors Centre
Skal Club of Singapore
Society of Incentive & Travel Executives