Tourism in Solomon Islands


In and around the 922 islands that make up the archipelago of the Solomon Islands, there is a wide range of beaches, wildlife, tropical rainforest and coral atolls to provide visitors with a variety of sights and activities. The islands serve as a major destination for World War II tourism as some of the fiercest fighting in the Pacific ‘theatre of war’ took place in and around the island of Guadacanal; many battlefields, wrecks and relics are preserved. Diving is centred around the Western province and ideal for exploring coral reef and sea life as well as numerous WWII wrecks. There are four active volcanoes and numerous caves and waterfalls that attract hikers and cyclists in addition to extensive fishing and kayaking throughout the islands. Visitors can explore the arts and culture of Oceania with man-made islands handed down through generations, the Betikama carving centre in Honiara and fishing villages on the island of Malaita where strings of shells are used in inter-tribal bartering. 

Tourism organisations in Solomon Islands
Malaita Tourism Association
Solomon Islands Hotel and Resorts Association
Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau
Solomon Travel Agents Association
Western Province Tourism Association
Western Province Tourism Office