National Agencies

Policy implementation, programme delivery and regulatory work in South Africa’s public sector are mostly carried out by national agencies. These are publicly funded bodies, commissions, state-owned enterprises or authorities whose establishment is backed by an Act of Parliament. Many of them exist as semi-autonomous organisations where the running of their day-to-day affairs is free from government interference. Key national agencies in the country include the Financial Services Board, which oversees the South African non-banking financial services industry; the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, an organisation that received worldwide attention for its efforts in reconciling communities in the aftermath of apartheid; the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), which is the telecoms and broadcasting regulator; and the South African Social Security Agency, which administers social security services in the country. 

National Agencies organisations in South Africa
Central Energy Fund
Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)
Industrial Development Corporation
International Marketing Council of South Africa
Medical Research Council
National Economic Development and Labour Council
National Empowerment Fund
National Energy Regulator (NER)
South Africa Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (SATRA)
Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA)