Find National NGO expertise in Sri Lanka

There is a multiplicity of national non-governmental and civil societal organisations working across a range of fields and disciplines from the grassroots community level to national level.  Notable examples include Makandura Village Projects, a grassroots NGO established in 1985 that works to support and rehabilitate children affected by conflict in Sri Lanka’s North Western Province; the Alcohol and Drug Information Centre who aim to prevent drug abuse through social change and effective education; and Sarvodaya, the country’s largest people’s organisation based on community participation which has a network of over 15,000 villages who operate various programmes including micro-credit, disaster relief and reconciliation projects.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in Sri Lanka
Alcohol and Drug Information Center
All Ceylon Hindu Congress
Association of Business and Professional Women
Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka
Family Rehabilitation Centre
National Christian Council of Sri Lanka
National NGO Council of Sri Lanka
Rural Development Network
Rural Women\'s Network Organisations Network
Sri Lanka Association of Professional Social Workers
Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation
Women\'s Bank - Sri Lanka Women\'s Development Service Cooperative Society Ltd.
ZOA Refugee Care